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Made for Teachers

Save time, money and sanity
plus pocket a $200 cashback

Save time, money and sanity plus pocket a $200 cashback

Five A+ Exclusive Teacher Benefits 

Not just 9-5 — we work outside school hours and overtime in school holidays.

$200 CASHBACK for all primary, secondary and tertiary teachers per settled loan.

A booking system that lets you control your home loan ‘work’ timetable.

Access industry specialists who are doing teacher loans day-in, day-out.

Reclaim your weekends with minimal paperwork. 

Our Numbers Talk


Previous loan success
Future loans will be individually assessed for approval by each lender. However, we do everything we can in our preparation work to give you the highest chance of getting your loan.


No cost no obligation services
We navigate home loans and personal borrowing on your behalf at no cost to you or any obligation to engage our services. Our service to you is free but other fees may apply.  (T&Cs apply)


Banks and lenders for comparison
We have access to over 50 lenders with current accreditations with 31 different lenders.


On loans up to 85% LVR.
Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is a fee that lenders pass on to the borrower if the amount you are borrowing divided by the valuation of the property is greater than 0.80 ie.80% Loan-to-Valuation (LVR). Some lenders do not charge this fee until the LVR reaches over 85%. (Lender T&Cs apply)

The Teachers' Broker

“L4T understood the unique time challenges of being a teacher”
“…took the time to explain each step.”
“Always quick to get back to us”

Property Sales Reports

Found a property that fits the bill?

Not sure what your money can buy?

As part of our process of finding you the loan that fits, we provide you with property sales reports free of charge.

Get ‘insider’ property sales intelligence reports straight to your inbox. Checkout this video for a brief demonstration of a report like the one you will receive. Scroll to view photos, see estimated valuations, open tabs for sale prices of homes recently sold and others currently for sale. You can interact with an informative map to search for other ‘for sale’ properties and schools in the area. Turn up the volume for an audio description.